About Arctic International LLC

Who is Arctic International LLC...

Arctic International LLC is a professional services firm focusing primarily on nonresident alien tax issues. Institutions around the country look to us to provide:

  • customized consulting
  • controversy resolution (IRS audit) assistance
  • easy-to-understand publications
  • interesting and interactive training
  • cutting-edge online software solutions

If you are looking for an efficient, effective and forward thinking approach to nonresident alien tax compliance, you've come to the right place. At Arctic, we ask our clients what they need, we listen to what they want, and we use extensive experience to deliver an innovative, yet practical solution.

Our Mission

Arctic International LLC ("Arctic") is a professional services firm providing the most innovative, efficient, cost-effective and forward-thinking approach to tax issues at organizations with a global mindset through consulting services, books and publications, training, and software systems.

Our Values - the beliefs that guide our firm

Success for both our clients and for ourselves will be achieved by:

  • truly enjoying the work we do and always doing it the best we possibly can;
  • working as a team of colleagues who trust, admire and respect each other and genuinely enjoy working together;
  • working with clients who value our opinions and services and treat our team in a fair and considerate manner;
  • striving to always provide products and services that are accurate, fairly-priced and delivered in a manner that is respectful, efficient, and indicative of the way in which we would like to be treated;
  • always taking the correct approach to solve an issue, even when it is more difficult or less financially rewarding; and
  • believing that when we maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity in all that we do, the final outcome will always be positive.

Client Success

Arctic's roots are firmly planted in consulting services for non-profit institutions. We believe our clients should be empowered with a clear understanding of the tax issues, knowledge of how to best manage their day-to-day activities to increase efficiency and decrease liability exposure, and tools that make the tax compliance process as simple and cost-effective as possible. This core value guides what we do and we believe the level of client support and understanding we deliver is simply unsurpassed.

Great People

Arctic's success depends on great people. Great people have strong technical expertise, broad business perspective, cross-cultural skills and understanding, and are quite simply, fun to work with. They constantly stretch themselves, develop their knowledge and skill-set, push their colleagues and clients to do more and expect a higher standard - they are driven by results. They get the job done, but they are also leaders who energize their clients and colleagues.

Our Tax Professionals are the country's leaders in the area of nonresident alien tax compliance and have years of experience in working with non-profit institutions around the country. Our Authors are respected professionals in their fields - they bring considerable knowledge and a practical approach to the complex topics on which they write and teach. Our Software Support Center is staffed with a team of software engineers and IT professionals who utilize the latest technology in developing online solutions.

What's Arctic's greatest asset? - our people.

Great Products and Services

Arctic's Products and Services are specifically developed with our clients in mind. We strive to deliver a practical, effective and affordable approach for the complex issue of nonresident alien tax compliance. Regardless of whether our client is large or small, we work to bring the right solution to the table. Arctic's innovative approach to nonresident alien tax compliance is made possible by developing software systems that focus on efficiency, accuracy, security and cost-effectiveness. We are constantly thinking about and developing the latest methodology.

Built to Last

At Arctic, we're in this business for the long-haul. We are building a lasting firm that makes choices with this in mind - many of our clients have chosen to be our clients for many years; we plan for that statement to be true for many years to come. We strive to show flexibility, innovation, and a willingness to adapt to our clients' needs and the needs of the market.


Integrity defines how we act as individuals and as a firm. Put simply: We treat others with respect and we do what we say. We are honest and truthful when we make commitments - and we do whatever it takes to deliver on them. The way we want to be seen in the market and the opinion we want our clients to have of us is not just a slogan to us, it's the way we truly are.

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