Arctic International LLCmaintains a secure online ordering process for all orders, workshop registrations and book orders. Ordering online is the most convenient way to make sure you have the latest software solutions, training, and books - and you can be confident it's secure! When you place your order using your credit card, your transaction is protected with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the industry standard for encrypting and protecting personal information over the Internet. The encryption process scrambles and protects the data while it's being transmitted, so it's just as safe as using a credit card in person.

Order Software Compliance Systems

GLACIER Online Tax Compliance System is our comprehensive "start to finish" software that enables institutions to collect data from all foreign national payees to determine how to correctly withhold tax from and report payments made. GLACIERalso prepares the year-end reporting statements (Forms 1042-S) to provide to the foreign national payees and submit to the IRS, as well as the institution's tax return (Form 1042). It's a part of our simple solution to a complex issue. Institutional License Users (Colleges/Universities/Other Institutions) may wish to try a demo of GLACIER. Online orders are not accepted for GLACIEROnline Tax Compliance System; if you wish to order GLACIER, please Contact Us . more 

GLACIER Tax Prep is the only software of its kind on the market. It's a part of our simple solution to a complex issue - the completion of a nonresident alien tax return (Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ, plus all of the other applicable statements). Institutional License Users (Colleges/Universities/Other Institutions) who order and pay before November 30 receive discounted pricing. more 

Register for ARC Training

ARC Training is available Onsite, Online, and On-Demand. Tax managers, payroll managers, controllers, accounting personnel and even other tax professionals and IRS agents participate in our training programs. If you are ready for a completely different, innovative, and fun (yes, we said FUN) way to approach nonresident alien tax compliance, register for an upcoming webshop or workshop! Those interested in a boring, slow-paced and confusing class need not register! If you are interested in having us come out to your institution to conduct customized training, please Contact Us . more 

Order Books and Publications

Keep your tax tools up-to-date. Don't use an out-dated book or reference - using old information is often more harmful than not having any information at all. Ensure that you have the most recent editions of our books and publications by ordering or subscribing to an updated version today. All book orders must be placed using our secure online ordering system. Please note that Arctic International LLC is proud to be a paperless firm; as such, we only accept credit card payments for all book orders.more 


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