GLACIER Tax Prep - Details, Details, Details!

GLACIER Tax Prep – a SIMPLE solution for a complex issue.

If you are shopping for nonresident alien tax filing assistance, then take a moment to think about what you really want to accomplish . . .

  • a cost-effective solution that provides a
  • reduction of the tax questions my office receives from my foreign national population and
  • confidence that my foreign nationals are getting accurate information with
  • courteous and timely assistance from real people who are knowledgeable and have experience working with foreign nationals’ tax issues and do so in a
  • direct, efficient, and secure manner.
If that’s what you are thinking, then you are thinking about GLACIER Tax Prep. What more do you need to know, click here to ORDER right now.

What is GLACIER Tax Prep?

GLACIER Tax Prep is an innovative system written using the latest methods to securely collect, review and store data allowing for easy adaptation to ever changing tax laws and technology. It’s accurate, direct, logical, and yet . . . simple.

GLACIER Tax Prep is the start to filing tax assistance for nonresident aliens to complete their U.S. tax return filing responsibilities. GLACIER Tax Prep is designed to be
  • Simple to purchase
  • Simple to access
  • Simple to use
  • Simple to understand
So, maybe we should have just said . . . GLACIER Tax Prep is SIMPLE. Period.

GLACIER is an online tax compliance system designed to allow institutions to efficiently and effectively collect information, make tax residency and income tax treaty determinations, manage paperwork, maintain data, and file reporting statements with the IRS. For more information about how GLACIER will change the way your institution approaches nonresident alien tax compliance, click here.

GLACIER Tax Prep is a fresh approach to simplifying the complex issue of filing a tax return. Why should a foreign national be well-versed in how to file a U.S. tax return when they can use GLACIER Tax Prep. Whether the foreign national needs assistance or wants to be more independent, GLACIER Tax Prep provides the cutting edge in understanding her personal situation and meeting the federal requirements.

GLACIER Tax Prep, while a component of and best used with GLACIER, does not require an institution to use GLACIER in order to use GLACIER Tax Prep – but, why wouldn’t your institution use both? Doesn’t it make more sense to have two cost-effective, efficient, and effective tools! The combination of GLACIER and GLACIER Tax Prep make a powerful approach to assisting a foreign national to comply with his or her U.S. tax filing responsibilities.

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What Makes Arctic International LLC and GLACIER Tax Prep Different?

Many things, but let’s be clear on the most important of them – GLACIER Tax Prep is not just a software program. It’s the "hand-holding" support process from the beginning to the filing. Anyone can plug their info into a limited piece of software, but with GLACIER Tax Prep, we consider our audience BEFORE we start programming. But, most importantly, we don’t stop when the person gets to the last screen because we are not just collecting data. To us, we are working with the foreign national, Juan Garcia, for example, to ask him questions specific to his situation so that we can determine what is the best tax filing scenario for him - putting the end results onto the right forms so that he can easily print, review, sign and file with the IRS. We want Juan to know exactly what he should do and interact with Arctic tax professionals – not just tell him the rules and make him figure it out for himself. And, if Juan has any questions or need some assistance, we want Juan to contact us so that we can assist him. To us, Juan is an actual person, not a nameless, faceless person clicking through a set of screens.

GLACIER Tax Prep is written in simple language – neither the Admins nor the foreign nationals need to understand the U.S. tax system, they simply need to answer a few questions about their time spent in the U.S. and any payments they've received - that's all! GLACIER Tax Prep does the rest by deciding which tax return to file and putting the right information on the right line – but, if you or your foreign nationals need any assistance, the folks at Arctic International LLC are ready to help!

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Quick Overview


Step ONE: Determine U.S. Tax Residency Status

GLACIER Tax Prep determines whether the person is a nonresident alien for U.S. tax purposes or a resident alien for U.S. tax purposes.

Step TWO: Determine the person’s U.S. tax return filing requirement

Does the person have any U.S.-sourced income? If so, GLACIER Tax Prep collects information about all of the categories of income the person received to determine whether the person is eligible to claim an exemption from tax based on an income tax treaty exemption, and/or any exclusions from taxable income.

Step THREE: Collect Additional Information

GLACIER Tax Prep obtains additional information to ensure that any applicable deductions or allowances are applied. It then calculates the total income and applicable tax impact to determine whether a tax refund can be claimed or if additional tax is due.

Step FOUR: Finalize Tax Return and Forms

GLACIER Tax Prep populates all of the applicable forms so that the person may simply print, review, sign and mail the tax return and/or other forms.

Support, assistance, help, assistenza, soporte, unterstützung, yardim – whatever you want to call it. GLACIER Tax Prep is so simple to use; however, IF the person has any questions or needs assistance, we don’t expect him or her to research a website! The person simply submits a support request and interacts with a real person who will answer questions or explain the issue. Of course, for the more independent person, we also offer an extensive FAQ section and Research Library, complete with blank forms and tools to empower the person to quickly find the answers to questions.

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Institutional Use Licenses

How many foreign nationals at your institution will need to use GLACIER Tax Prep (you may want to look to your Open Doors Data Report for an idea of the total foreign national enrollment)? Each foreign national who accesses GLACIER Tax Prep creates an Individual Record. Each institution obtains one Institutional Use License for the use of the software program component and assistance to the foreign nationals. We offer GLACIER Tax Prep in the following License Levels:

License Level Max Number of Individual Records TOTAL Price
(if Purchased PRIOR to Nov 30)
Admin Fee
(if Purchased AFTER Nov 30)
(if Purchased AFTER Nov 30)
Average Price Per Person
1 19 $335 $50 $385 $17.63
2 49 $635 $100 $735 $12.96
3 99 $1,095 $100 $1,195 $11.06
4 199 $1,490 $100 $1,590 $7.49
5 399 $1,800 $200 $2,000 $4.51
6 699 $2,225 $200 $2,425 $3.18
7 999 $2,525 $200 $2,725 $2.53
8 1499 $2,775 $200 $2,975 $1.85
9 1999 $3,000 $300 $3,300 $1.50
10 2499 $3,225 $300 $3,525 $1.29
11 2999 $3,450 $300 $3,750 $1.15
12 3499 $3,725 $400 $4,125 $1.06
13 3999 $3,900 $400 $4,300 $0.98
14 4499 $4,175 $400 $4,575 $0.93
15 4999 $4,395 $400 $4,795 $0.88
16 5999 $4,635 $400 $5,035 $0.77
17 7599 $5,245 $400 $5,645 $0.69
18 8999 $5,900 $400 $6,300 $0.66

Pricing Notes:   If you would like to change your license level prior to the launch of GLACIER Tax Prep, simply contact us to do so; however, after GLACIER Tax Prep is launched, if you would like to increase your license level, you may purchase additional access using the Additional Access pricing. Please contact us for more information.

For purposes of licensing GLACIER Tax Prep, an “Institution” is defined as entity that consists of one “campus” at one location. If this is not the case, the Licensee must disclose the relevant facts prior to signing a License Agreement so that the terms and pricing may be modified accordingly.

Individual Use Licenses

The cost of an Individual Use license is $49 and allows a foreign national individual to complete his or her Form 1040-NR as well as a Form 8843 and/or Form W-7 for the individual and any spouse/dependents (if applicable).

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Institutional Use Licenses

We offer four types of access methods for GLACIER Tax Prep. The GLACIER Tax Prep Admin may choose to use one, all or any combination of the access methods. You do not need to select the access method until you are ready to distribute access to the person who will use GLACIER Tax Prep; however, your choices - in order of simplicity - are:

  • GLACIER - access via GLACIER to use data already in GLACIER to avoid re-entering information.
  • INTRANET GATEWAY - access via a secure gateway on the Institution's intranet.
  • Common - one Access Code to be used by all individuals at the Institution.
  • Individual – a unique Access Code for each individual that can be automatically assigned from GLACIER Tax Prep.

With an INSTITUTIONAL USE License...

  • An institution licenses GLACIER Tax Prep to receive access for the desired number of Individual Records;
  • The institution distributes Access Codes to its foreign national population in any combination of the four access methods; and
  • The institution's foreign nationals simply log into GLACIER or GLACIER Tax Prep from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night to begin completing his or her U.S. tax forms!

With an INDIVIDUAL USE License...

  • A foreign national pays a license fee to obtain access to GLACIER Tax Prep;
  • A foreign national individual receives an Access Code and instructions from the GLACIER Tax Prep Support Center on how to access GLACIER Tax Prep; and
  • A foreign national individual simply logs into GLACIER Tax Prep from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night to begin completing his or her U.S. tax return!
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How to ORDER

Institutional Use License

To purchase GLACIER Tax Prep, all orders must be placed online and paid by credit card or ACH / Wire.

As a part of the ordering process, new clients will be provided with our License Agreement to sign and return electronically to Renewal clients may select to accept an extension of the terms of the originally signed License Agreement or print, sign and return the Renewal License Agreement to

Purchase GLACIER Tax Prep Now

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Individual Use Licenses

To purchase an Individual Use License, all orders must be placed online using a credit card.

Purchase GLACIER Tax Prep Now

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How Can I try GLACIER Tax Prep before I Order?

Institutional Use Licenses

Experience GLACIER Tax Prep! Click here to register for a demo.

Individual Use Licenses

Online demos are not available to those interested in Individual Use Licenses.

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If you’d like to obtain more details of how GLACIER Tax Prep works and specifically what it does, please Contact Us at and we’ll be pleased to send you more information.

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GLACIER Tax Prep – a SIMPLE solution for a complex issue.

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