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GTP demos are offered to experience the process as if you are a Foreign National.


(access is offered for a period of 2 days)

The Independent Access allows you to access GTP at your leisure. GTP is simple to use so you can demo the system on your own, complete a tax return as if you are a foreign national, and contact us if you have any questions.

While we offer a 2 day Demo time period, it generally takes a foreign national only 15-20 minutes to enter his or her data, print the applicable tax return and other forms, and finish the ENTIRE process!

The Independent Access allows for only ONE Individual Record to be created; however, you may access the Individual Record as many times as you like. You may log off and re-log on as many times as you wish; you may change the facts of the scenario to see different outcomes.

We suggest that you have one of your foreign nationals input "test" data while you watch how simple it is for him or her to complete a tax return and all the required forms in just a few minutes.

Please note that the GTP demo will allow you to see what the foreign national sees. We do not currently offer a demo of GTP Administration; however, in GTP Administration, the GTP Administrator can: view all individuals who have been granted access to GTP; view summary data regarding your institution's usage of GTP; allow access to GTP in four different methods; send reminder emails to folks who have not yet finished the tax return; obtain sample documentation; change the GTP Primary Contact; participate in WEBshop training on how to use GTP Administration; and access ICE (Information Communication and Exchange), 24 hours a day to conduct independent research.


When would you like to access GTP for an INDEPENDENT ACCESS Online Demo?

NOTE: Access cannot be granted on the same day as the request is made; the starting time is generally 9:00 am.

Requested Date: 

Submit a GTP Demo request ONLY if you are an Institution Administrator interested in the purchase of GTP; foreign nationals interested in the purchase of an INDIVIDUAL license should NOT submit a Demo request.
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