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All of Arctic International LLC's books provide step-by-step instruction on how to efficiently and effectively manage your institution's nonresident alien tax compliance issues. We work on a "building block" approach to provide in-depth discussion and instruction of nonresident alien tax issues, including how to properly withhold tax from and report payments to nonresident aliens. Our books contain instructions for preparing IRS forms, as well as completed samples of forms. In addition, each book contains sections devoted to some of the questions most commonly asked by the Authors' clients. About the Authors, click here .

Volume One -
Nonresident Alien
Tax Compliance: A Guide for Institutions Making Payments to Foreign Students, Scholars, Employees and Other International Visitors -
2024 Edition.

This is the "original" nonresident alien tax compliance book. The book is generally updated each year and is now in its seventeenth edition. It serves as the primary text for most colleges, universities, foundations, not-for-profits, and corporate entities for use in translating complex nonresident alien tax regulations into easy to understand compliance guidance.


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