Arctic International LLC Professional Profiles

Donna E. Kepley
Anne-Marie Burns
Sara M. Mercer

Donna E. Kepley

Ms. Kepley is the President of Arctic International LLC, an international tax consulting firm. Prior to forming Arctic, she was the Director of the International Tax & Legal Centre in KPMG's International Headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Before accepting her international assignment, Ms. Kepley was the National Director of Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance in KPMG's Exempt Organizations Tax Practice ("EXOTAX"). With respect to nonresident alien tax issues, she works with colleges, universities, and other non-profit and corporate entities to develop policies and procedures, provide tax training, and review payment software systems. Ms. Kepley began her professional practice as the Director of Tax Compliance Programs at Baker & McKenzie, an international law firm.

Ms. Kepley is the author of several books on the topic of nonresident alien tax issues: Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: A Guide for Institutions Making Payments to Foreign Students, Scholars, Employees, and Other International Visitors Volume One , Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: A Practical Approach To Income Tax Treaties Volume Two , and Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads - A Guide for Tax and Payroll Professionals , as well as the author of the nonresident alien tax chapter in Federal Tax Issues for Colleges and Universities.

After years of working with clients from across the country, Ms. Kepley designed a comprehensive web-based nonresident alien tax compliance system, comprised of GLACIER, an online tax determination and management system, and GLACIER Tax Prep, an online tax return preparation system.

Ms. Kepley is a frequent speaker on nonresident alien tax issues at national conferences sponsored by the Higher Education Taxation Institute (HETI), the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Legal Issues in Museum Administration (LIMA), the American Payroll Association (APA), NAFSA - Association of International Educators, and the former Tax Institute for Colleges and Universities (TIFCU).

Focusing primarily on nonresident alien tax issues, Ms. Kepley's client base primarily includes colleges, universities, hospitals, foundations, and other not-for-profit and corporate entities. She works with institutions to develop and maintain tax compliance programs, establish policies and procedures, review payment software systems, create educational tools and conduct training programs.

Despite her hectic travel schedule, Donna generally travels even in her time off. She has lived in four countries, visited 31 countries and intends to check many more off her list in the coming years. Donna enjoys shoes, words, taking photos of crosswalk signs/billboards, goat cheese, and the quest for the perfect handbag(s).

Contact Donna at or 571.344.9660.

Anne-Marie Burns

Ms. Burns is the Director of Tax Compliance with Arctic International LLC. She has primary responsibility for our controversy resolution (IRS audit) practice and works with many clients to assist in their nonresident alien tax compliance audits and reviews. She has extensive knowledge in assisting clients in determining past tax liability and identifying nonresident alien target populations. Prior to joining Arctic, she was a Senior Manager in KPMG LLP's Southwest Exempt Organizations Tax Practice. She has worked with many not-for-profit institutions to provide guidance on tax issues primarily focusing on nonresident alien tax compliance.

Anne-Marie is working on a handy guide to translating various U.S. accents, as well as the 21 steps to avoid Mexican/Tex-Mex food when traveling. When Anne-Marie is not in her office, she is often found at the barn caring for her horses.

Contact Anne-Marie at or 571.344.9660.

Sara M. Mercer

Ms. Mercer is the Director, Tax Consulting, with Arctic International LLC. Her primary responsibility is to provide research support to clients in the area of nonresident alien tax compliance. Prior to joining Arctic, she spent over twelve years as a Senior Manager in KPMG LLP's Development and Exempt Organization’s Practice, working solely with tax-exempt organizations in the areas of tax compliance and consulting. Ms. Mercer also has worked at two universities in the financial accounting services departments.

Sara enjoys spending time with her family, which includes a husband, two daughters, three dogs, and a cat. When not spending weekends at her girls’ volleyball tournaments, she also enjoys traveling.

Contact Sara at or 571.344.9660.

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