Volume One

Volume One - Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: A Guide for Institutions Making Payments to Foreign Students, Scholars, Employees and Other International Visitors – 2022 Edition

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Confused About Nonresident Alien Tax Issues? The Answer Is Simple.

The 2022 edition of Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: A Guide for Institutions Making Payments to Foreign Students, Scholars, Employees, and Other International Visitors, Volume One is written in clear, layperson's language and designed to permit an institution to understand the complex tax withholding and reporting rules that come into play when compensation, scholarship/fellowship, and other payments are made to nonresident aliens.

Volume One is generally updated to reflect recent changes in the law and/or interpretation of regulations and procedures. Because the changes are generally quite extensive, the entire book is replaced with a new book. Volume One is available in print format only.

Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: A Practical Approach to Income Tax Treaties, Volume Two is designed to enable individuals with little or no tax background to easily find the right information and make decisions about income tax treaty eligibility without digging through endless pages of legalese. The Author has successfully transformed the complex issues of income tax treaty exemption into an easy-to-use, logical format for determining answers to the basic questions pertaining to income tax treaties. Volume Two is available electronically only; Volume Two is no longer available in print format.

Volume One includes:

  • The steps necessary to develop a comprehensive nonresident alien tax compliance program;
  • How to determine U.S. residency status for tax purposes, including a detailed explanation of the substantial presence test and Exempt Individual rules;
  • A detailed explanation of the tax withholding obligations imposed on the withholding agent, including who qualifies as a withholding agent, the rules applicable to payments made to nonresident alien employees, independent contractors, and scholarship/fellowship recipients;
  • An explanation of the basic tax principles applicable to the taxation of nonresident aliens;
  • How to source various types of income (e.g., employee compensation, independent compensation, non-service scholarships and fellowships, and royalties);
  • What are the typical Internal Revenue Code exclusions possible for a nonresident alien, including an in-depth discussion of qualified versus nonqualified scholarship and fellowship;
  • If the income cannot be excluded from taxation, what are the applicable tax rates for various types of income, and how must the tax withholding statements be completed;
  • An in-depth discussion of income tax treaties, including how to perform a step-by-step analysis to determine whether an individual qualifies for a tax treaty exemption;
  • Which forms must be completed to claim an income tax treaty exemption at the time of payment, including step-by-step instruction for completing the forms;
  • A discussion of possible FICA tax exemptions for F, J, M, and Q immigration status individuals;
  • An overview of social security totalization agreements, as well as when and how they apply;
  • How and when to make tax deposits;
  • A discussion of special situations and problems, including short-term grant recipients, impact of state tax laws, and social security/individual taxpayer identification (ITIN) numbers;
  • All relevant IRS forms completed with sample information and detailed instructions for the form's completion;
  • Review of typical tax withholding and reporting scenarios with a discussion of the appropriate tax treatment and sample completed forms;
  • Answers to questions most commonly asked by the Author's clients;
  • An overview of immigration classifications, including a discussion of general immigration regulations with respect to payments made to foreign students, scholars, employees, and other international visitors;
  • Relevant Internal Revenue Code sections, IRS regulations, revenue rulings, and revenue procedures;
  • Completed samples of relevant IRS forms and instructions;
  • A discussion of payments made to foreign companies and non-individual entities; and
  • The reduced tax rates for royalty payments allowed under an income tax treaty.

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