Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads

Like all books from Arctic International LLC, this book is written in clear, layperson's language and designed to permit the typical tax and payroll professional to understand the complex immigration issues associated with making payments to foreign nationals.

Immigration and Tax contains:

  • In-depth discussions of nonimmigrant visa classifications, including a description of individuals in that category, who can legally make payments to them, the activities in which the individual can participate, and the classifications of payments the individual can legally receive;
  • Samples of immigration forms and documents for individuals typically paid by educational and non-profit institutions, with guidance about which pieces of information are most important on each form;
  • Discussions of common immigration situations and the related tax treatment;
  • Answers to questions most frequently asked by the Authors' clients;
  • Pictorial overviews of how foreign nationals come to be in the U.S.;
  • Definitions of common immigration terms; and
  • Relevant immigration statutes and resource information.

Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads is sure to be your best source for information about:

  • Basic Immigration Principles
  • The Structure of the U.S. Immigration System
  • Common Nonimmigrant Visa Categories - Who Can Be Paid, and For What
  • An Overview of Permanent Immigration to the U.S.
  • Do's and Don'ts of Making Payments to Foreign Nationals
  • Immigration Compliance, Documentation, and Record keeping
  • Overlap of Immigration and Tax - How to Handle Complex Situations
  • Identifying and Understanding Immigration Forms and Documents
  • Common Immigration Terms and Definitions
  • Frequently Asked Immigration and Tax Questions

The book also includes a copy of our Immigration and Tax Poster. At a glance, you can quickly reference each nonimmigrant visa category, its purpose, and reference related authorization documents and relevant tax issues for each category. Want to know what immigration authorization documents you should review for J-1 professors? Or the standard tax treatment for H-1B workers? - You'll find this guide indispensable for fast and accurate answers to common immigration and tax issues, as well as an attractive addition to your office decor.

Immigration and Tax Poster

The Immigration and Tax Poster is included with each copy of our book, Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads. Due to overwhelming demand, Arctic International LLC now offers you the opportunity to purchase just the Immigration and Tax Poster. Many of our readers have found the Poster included with our book, Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads, such a great reference tool, they want to have extra copies of the Poster to provide to other departments (e.g., Human Resources, Payroll, Office of International Students and Scholars).

The Immigration and Tax poster is your quick and accurate reference for:

  • Nonimmigrant Visa Categories and Their Purpose
  • Employment Authorization for Each Immigration Category
  • Necessary Immigration Authorization Documents
  • Tax Treatment and Common Issues Related to Each Immigration Category

Each poster measures approximately 17" by 22". You may order Immigration and Tax Posters individually or in packages of five.

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