Consulting Services
  • Is your institution in compliance?
  • Are you confident that significant gaps and
         weaknesses do not exist?
  • Did you "fix the problem" several years ago,
         but haven't thought about it since?
  • How comfortable are you that the tax
         compliance program at your institution has
         been properly maintained and updated?
  • Have there been changes in personnel that
         cause you to wonder whether issues once in
         compliance now go unnoticed or are handled
  • When was the last time your policies and
         procedures were reviewed and updated?
  • All excellent questions that most institutions don't often ask!   more 

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    Paying your foreign nationals correctly, consistently, and with confidence in your tax compliance doesn't have to be difficult - or unattainable. It does, however, require a commitment on each institution's part to institute a policy of compliance, a plan to achieve compliance, support of the policies and procedures from the highest levels of the institution, and periodic check-ups to ensure that everything is still working as it should be.

    Information, Communication, and Exchange - isn't that what compliance requires?

    Our clients have a place to discuss nonresident alien tax issues, easily obtain information from us, share ideas and best practices, ask questions to both us and other clients, and research past discussions. I.C.E. is available not only to our GLACIER and GLACIER Tax Prep team, but also to any institution that wants to more efficiently manage their nonresident alien tax compliance issues.

    Would you like to be a part of I.C.E.? Simply sign up for an annual subscription. more  

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