On-Demand Customized Training

Instead of just giving an answer, we work to empower our clients to understand the complex issues of nonresident alien tax - we teach them how to handle situations when they arise. We offer several types of customized workshops that focus on an institution's specific needs. Please contact us to discuss more customized training.

ARC Training Workshops

In the spring and fall of each year, we offer our "standard" ARC training workshops for individuals to come together with their colleagues from other institutions and learn how to better manage their nonresident alien tax issues. Our series currently includes a variety of topics from the basics to advanced updates to policy and procedural development. We also conduct these workshop topics specifically for an institution and customize to feature case studies prepared for the institution's specific questions, issues and concerns - they are well-suited for state systems or multiple location institutions because they allow an unlimited number of people from the institution to attend. In addition to avoiding multiple registration fees, there is a significant savings in travel costs. If your institution is interested in having us come to your campus/office and conduct our workshops for your staff, please contact us.

"Boutique" Training Workshops

We believe that there are many institutions that need to attend training; however, their travel budgets simply will not accommodate it. And, there are many smaller institutions that have only a few foreign nationals so it may be difficult work training on a topic such as this into the schedule. So, we take the "show on the road" and get the message out to those who need to hear it. Our "Boutique" Training Workshops are typically one-day, focused training for the "drive-in" participant. We partner with an institution to "host" the session on their campus and invite their colleagues from other area colleges, universities, research institutions, museums, etc. Arctic handles the registration, the set-up, and the costs, so that attendees pay a cost-effective registration fee to participate. While we can conduct any of our workshop topics, the most popular of our Boutique sessions is the "What You Need To Know" session focusing on the basics of nonresident alien tax from start to filing in one jam-packed, fun-filled day! If your institution would like to host a Boutique Training Workshop, please contact us.

Targeted Training

We have developed a series of in-depth, comprehensive training workshops designed for the designated tax specialist(s), his or her "back-up," and other key individuals from the processing departments (e.g., Payroll, Accounts Payable, Student Accounts) to permit these individuals to (i) perform proper review and analysis of collected information, and (ii) implement and maintain the new compliance policies and procedures. (This type of targeted training is generally 1-2 days held 3-4 times over several months during the development and implementation of new policies and procedures. Depending on the size of the institution, institutions typically select 3-5 individuals to participate in this type of training).

Departmental and Executive Management Workshops

We conduct informational "policy and procedure" workshops for an institution's non-tax personnel (e.g., department chairpersons and administrators) to introduce and explain the nonresident alien tax compliance policies and procedures and review the policy and procedure manual. In many cases, new policies and procedures are met with more acceptance when on outside tax professional delivers information and instruction. (Each workshop is approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours and provides a high-level overview of the tax issues, concentrating on the institution's policies and procedures - telling the departments exactly what is expected of them and how to accomplish it.) In some cases, institutions wish for us to conduct Executive Management sessions to simply explain "the big picture" to the upper level management of the institution, saving all the details for the payment and processing areas.

International Student and Scholar Tax Return Preparation Workshops

Our international student and scholar tax workshops provide guidance to an institution's foreign student, scholar, and employee population in the preparation of U.S. nonresident alien income tax returns (e.g., Forms 1040NR and 1040NR-EZ). We begin with a high-level overview of general U.S. federal tax issues, focusing on how an individual can determine if he or she is a nonresident alien. We review and discuss tax statements (e.g., Forms W-2, 1042-S, 1098-T, and 1099), as well as income tax . We then go through each relevant line of both nonresident alien tax returns, explaining the purpose of the requested information and how to complete the line. We also conduct question/answer sessions for the workshop attendees, held either immediately after the workshop or on the following day. Individuals have the opportunity to ask specific questions, as well as have portions of returns reviewed. These sessions are often considered more beneficial to the institution than the individual as they significantly reduce the number of questions from students and scholars to the payroll, tax and international student services offices. (The workshop is generally limited to 300 individuals and requires approximately 2 ½ hours; more time will be needed for more individuals and/or longer question/answer sessions.) If the institution is a CINTAX client, we will also complete a CINTAX test record to demonstrate to the foreign national how simple and easy to use CINTAX is.

For More Information

To discuss how Arctic can assist your institution in better managing its nonresident alien tax compliance issues or to obtain a proposal for services, please contact us.

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