Software Compliance

Arctic International LLC has created a comprehensive Online Tax Compliance System that begins when an institution invites a foreign national to come to the U.S. and culminates in the filing of the individual's U.S. income tax return. Our approach is to empower our clients to be:

  • Confident in their tax compliance;
  • Consistent in their approach;
  • Cross-culturally sensitive in working with
         their guests;
  • Paperless and online to help the environment
         (and save money!);
  • Efficient so as not to duplicate effort
         or waste time; and
  • Cost-effective - why should being in
         compliance be expensive?

  • To discuss how GLACIER and GLACIER Tax Prep will change how your institution approaches Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance, give us a call or send us an email.


    Alien Tax
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    Information, Communication, and Exchange - isn't that what compliance requires?

    Our clients have a place to discuss nonresident alien tax issues, easily obtain information from us, share ideas and best practices, ask questions to both us and other clients, and research past discussions. I.C.E. is available not only to our GLACIER and GLACIER Tax Prep team, but also to any institution that wants to more efficiently manage their nonresident alien tax compliance issues.

    Would you like to be a part of I.C.E.? Simply sign up for an annual subscription. more  

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