All of Arctic International LLC's books provide step-by-step instruction on how to efficiently and effectively manage your institution's nonresident alien tax compliance issues. We work on a "building block" approach to provide in-depth discussion and instruction of nonresident alien tax issues, including how to properly withhold tax from and report payments to nonresident aliens. Our books contain instructions for preparing IRS forms, as well as completed samples of forms. In addition, each book contains sections devoted to some of the questions most commonly asked by the Authors' clients. For information about the authors, click here.

Volume One - Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: A Guide for Institutions Making Payments to Foreign Students, Scholars, Employees and Other International Visitors - 2009 Edition. This is the "original" nonresident alien tax compliance book. The book is updated each year and is now in its ninth edition. It serves as the primary text for most colleges, universities, foundations, not-for-profits, and corporate entities for use in translating complex nonresident alien tax regulations into easy to understand compliance guidance. In addition to being found on the desks of most not-for-profit tax manager, the Internal Revenue Service uses the text as a training document for its international examination agents. For more information or to order this book, click here. This book is updated each year; therefore, the 2009 Edition will be current through the end of 2009.

Volume Two - Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: A Practical Approach Income Tax Treaties. Completely NEW for 2004.

Like the original book, Volume Two is presented in clear, layman's language, with easy-to-understand charts and diagrams. Volume Two is designed to enable individuals with little or no tax background to easily find the right information and make decisions about income tax treaty eligibility without digging through endless pages of legalese. For more information or to order this book, click here.

Volume Two is completely updated and reformatted for 2004! If you purchased the book during 1996 - 2002, you'll want to order your new book today! The 2009 Volume Two Update was released in February, 2009 and contains pages to insert and/or update to the binder. To see when the last time your Volume Two was updated, simply look at the page footer for the Table of Contents (i.e., pages iii - xxii) and check to see that "2009" appears at the bottom of the page.

Annual Volume Two Updates

Each year, Volume Two is updated to reflect new income tax treaties or other changes in this area of the law. At the time of original purchase, Volume Two will be shipped with all current Updates; afterwards, previous purchasers of Volume Two will automatically be contacted to purchase the annual updates. Annual updates to Volume Two are generally produced in February of each year.

Volume Three - Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance: Welcome to the U.S. {Tax System} * To be Released

Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads - Immigration Issues for Tax and Payroll Professionals.

If you're responsible for nonresident alien tax compliance at your institution, then you also need reliable and up-to-date information about immigration issues affecting the payments you make. This book is clear, concise, comprehensive, and written with a tax or payroll person in mind. The book contains sample documentation, a detailed discussion of each non-immigrant immigration status, as well as questions and answers from the Authors' clients. For more information or to order, click here.

Immigration and Tax Poster

The Immigration and Tax Poster is included with each copy of our book, Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads. Due to overwhelming demand, Arctic International LLC now offers you the opportunity to purchase just the Immigration and Tax Poster. Many of our readers have found the Poster included with our book, Immigration and Tax: At the Crossroads, such a great reference tool, they want to have extra copies of the Poster to provide to other departments (e.g., Human Resources, Payroll, Office of International Students and Scholars).

The Immigration and Tax poster is your quick and accurate reference for:

  • Nonimmigrant Visa Categories and Their Purpose
  • Employment Authorization for Each Immigration Category
  • Necessary Immigration Authorization Documents
  • Tax Treatment and Common Issues Related to Each Immigration Category

Each poster measures approximately 17" by 22". You may order Immigration and Tax Posters individually or in packages of five.

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